Our Vision

A modern company based on strict ethical principles, respect for commitments and transparency. Our goal is to deliver innovative solutions, aligned with the best technologies in the market.
Serve with quality, exceeding expectations through the developed services and providing the highest level of satisfaction. This is the essence of the work done for our customers and partners.
A certified staff in different areas and technologies. We have over 10 years experience in the development and maintenance of systems, mission-critical software, data management and business intelligence.

Our Skills

With a trained, skilled and experienced team we can divide our area of operation into three verticals:

Business Intelligence
Software Development

Our Offer

In partnership with major players in the market we offer to our customers solutions in the areas of database, business intelligence and software development.

We also offer (24x7) remote database monitoring services. We use a set of modern tools that assists in solving incidents in high-availability and mission-critical environments.

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Database & Business Intelligence

Your company needs tranquility to efficiently focus on the business. Let the administration of your database rest with our staff and reduce the costs involved in incidents. We provide regular and proactive monitoring of your database, ensuring optimal performance and stability. We offer tuning work, combining practical experience, success stories, and specialized tools to optimize your database. We conduct safety audit, Backup & Recovery strategies, among other services. We follow strict standards of testing, implementation and fault simulation. Elaborate modeling, development and implementation of projects of various levels and needs in the area of ​​business intelligence through certificates procedures. Contact us, explain your need and we will be happy to serve you better!

Software Development

We conducted the development of custom software, from lifting requirements to deployment. We use Agile project management and current technologies as a efficient means to create applications and make your company achieve its business goals. We are prepared to face challenges meet specific needs and transform them into an amazing software for our clients.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are already everywhere! Sales, marketing, product optimization and workflow business strategy to name a few. We have dedicated professionals in developing mobile applications. We work together with our clients in creating customized mobile solutions that accurately meet your expectations, always ensuring the highest standard of quality.

Present & Future

Smartglasses, smartwatches, smart fabrics and even bracelets generating exercise statistics are some of the accessories that are part of a relatively new branch of technology. We are living in a time where technology is never switched off and becomes ubiquitous as a web of support for everything we do, motivating us to have a better life. Our lives will be facilitated by a huge set of applications running on several devices with different sensors that collect data about us in real time. Our team invests heavily to assist you in what you need in this new branch. If you have an idea for your business and want to use these technologies, contact us!

SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (Formerly Confio Ignite)

SolarWinds’ SQL Server performance tuning software is the one database performance monitoring, analysis, and tuning solution designed specifically to prevent & solve the toughest performance problems. It's not a general purpose SQL Server monitor. Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server goes beyond conventional server health tools.

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